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Welcome to my magical Disney World blog! Here you can find some of my favorite pictures of the parks. I've been to Disney World many many times. (My grandma's father is actually Walt Disney's cousin!) although I get no discounts when we go, haha!
One thing that I do enjoy doing which I'm rather good at, is helping people plan their Disney trips. I go through everything you need to know whether it be you and your guests need special accommodations, you want to do something different this trip, or you just want general info on the parks, restaurants, rides, and what they have in store, I can help!
In order to reach me, you can contact me here or more conveniently, on my email which is: DisneyWorldMagic1502@gmail.com

Epcot-Future World-Monorail
Sunday, 11 - 11 - 2012

Epcot-Future World-Monorail

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